Jul 2019

With summer party season here in full swing, make your little princess' special days even more memorable by dressing her in the season’s loveliest and most wonderful outfits that are sure to make your little girl glow and look even more enchanting inside and out. Here are some luxe OOTD inspirations for your little lass to look super-trendy yet glitzy this summer:

Note: Add in some luxurious accessories like a cheerful hat, bracelets, hair bow, hair band or anything that would instill more charm to her flawless aura.

  1. Lavenders and plush shades of lilacs are all the rage this season. Grab a posh lilac shaded frock with little pretty hints like wrap around details, glitzy self-patterns and nice net hems for your doll to steal the spotlight.


  1. Dress your little girl up in a floral-inspired tutu/tulle dress for a look that speaks wonders. Go for vibrant shades like blue, pink, orange, yellow, that will surely add to your little princess’ overall glam aura. You can also add a luxe sash at the back and tie a bow for a fun twist.


  1. An easy-breezy yet appealing sleeveless top is a must-have for your girl to prance and play around with ease and charm. Go for fine pastel shades like powder blues, pinks, peaches and greens with fun twists like halter shoulder straps and embroidered shorts/ subtly patterned tights for her to casually and so adorably slay her day.

  1. Have an upcoming formal party to go to? Dress your little girl up in a jewel-toned tutu skirt with rich frilled hems/trims and dazzling hints like pearls, bow, studs or tassels for an ultra-glam feel. Pair her skirt with a neutral top adorned in swish shimmering hints, alluring net sleeves and and cute sandals for her to standout.


  1. An outdoor bbq party on your plate? Dress your little girl up in an effortlessly chic way by adding a beautiful light-wash denim top. Go for a jacket style top or an eye-catching, casual shirt with pretty, tiny patterns, button-down hints or nice wrap-up details. Grab a complementary lacey flared skirt or swish shorts and have your daughter look even prettier.


Ready to dress up your little princess in flair and make her look all the more magical and delightful?